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The Time Has Come

perhaps the time has come for ruthless honesty
before things get too carried away...
 It's only fair To let you know The truth As best as I 
possess it.
I will never be What I was 
alluded  to be.
will never be dependably what you suppose I'm s'posed to be.
I will disappoint with avarice, exasperate with magniloquence frustrate, even frighten sometimes with the malignance of the murder in me, with the stark breadth of my apathy, And the consciousness of my gluttony.
 blinded by fatalistic pessimism, shameless in my self-promotion, Falling down, Falling prey Slipping further In to 
lethargy In to 
vanity, In to 
misdirected yearning...
There are two ways to leave this chamber Free or not free.
The choice has always been yours.