The First day of the rest of everything....

I used to be this seriously avid blogger, then all at once I found that I simply couldn't stand another second of myspace... and that my unwillingness to check the myspace page had left me blogless... Woe-betide the writer without her blog-space... and being less then thrilled at the clowns-in-spangled-underpants-joy-joy aspect of wading through endless apps on numerous social networking sites, but not interested in using facebook (which has become my singular social network enslavement) as my blog send point, I have located what I believe could be the perfect blog-space. (One must needs take a break from the 'book now and again, not to mention the provided options/applications for Facebook just aren't as nifty as this one.)

SO, with no further ado, or much ado about something... I spin forth my wordy weave-web into the ether for it's nascent journey into (or perhaps away from as the case by case may be) infamy.

Or is that perhaps expecting too much... I wonder.

We'll get back to that.

I suppose the name of the blog should be my first point of explanation so my friends and loved ones are not forced to nod in confused expiation at my seemingly random consonant placement.

Here goes:

I love recycling, reusing, reinventing, up-cycling,
converting, reconditioning, recovery, remodeling, salvage, rescuing, and all that fun stuff. People or things, or places, pretty much most nouns it would seem, tend to get used up and thrown away. I hate that. I believe there is a use for everything. And most of all, it can be pleasant. It can feel good. It doesn't have to be this onerous chore that sucks out your life-force like some unwitting podling in a the thrall of a highly socialized eco-competition for who can be the most green and gorgeous at the same time. Screw that noise.

Then it occurred to me. Aside from all the projects and such I have jumbled around in my head and on my kitchen table/front yard/back seat... sensing a pattern.... I digress, there is the larger picture of what my life has been and is becoming about.

I'm on this journey of self-recovery/discovery... And really, what that has come to mean to me is that I am learning to up-sycle a life that many would have considered a wash.

There came a point in my life where the only neon flashing sign anywhere in my life was screaming:

CHANGE OR DIE. period.

I think that happens to a lot of people. Especially people who have unsavory pasts, struggle with substance abuse issues (past or present), divorce, weight problems... the list goes on. But suffice it to say, I think my experience is not an uncommon one.

I am not recovered, I am not healthy, I am not in the best place I could possibly be. But then, the transfer site (that's an Alaskan thing.. remind me to tell you about it later) doesn't always reveal the full potential of it's contents until you get the right supplies and tools to make those objects you discover in that dingy place as valuable as you have an inkling they might be.

I believe there is more to health and wealth and well-being then the status-quo and as such I am attemtping to take my rag-tag but demonstrably interesting family unit of 5 and with their expert skills and advice, make this life so much mroe then it might have started out to be and failed.

NOW, it will be a new animal/vegetable/mineral.

But the best part, the very bestest most sexiest part, is that it will still carry the essence of all those experiences all those lessons once learned never to be unlearned.

I hope you enjoy this blog.

I plan on posting pictures of property/people/places and projects as well as the elucidating the process.

Not to mention copious alliteration.

You've been warned.

~E and Co


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