Change or Die!

So About this "change or die" nonsense... I can see the people who understand nodding their heads in quiet assent. The occasional "Hallelujah" or "Amen, preach it" muttered by another keloid-covered compadre who has seen their share of these signs as aforementioned in previous blognation.

But seriously, here is the deal.

God(dess) will take you by the easiest path you allow. And I firmly believe if that requires a spiritual 2x6 (we use 2x6's in Alaska, as we believe 2x4's are for sissies) then that is what the job requires. For some it takes ten years in a cement and metal box... (that would be my husband... yes, for the folks watching from home, my husband is a felon. Talk about recycling... we will definitely get to that later.) For others, it is losing primary custody of the most precious thing in the universe, your children, and/or becoming so overweight it's gonna kill you.... the signs vary in their colour and definition...

However, it brings my point directly to the forefront. Circumstances that are so extreme due to choices or lack of action, trauma, excited environmental influences... whatever your particular poison, or serious of incremental experiences that provided fertilized ground in which torment can bloom and blossom as well as the Refiners fire work a few more impurities out of the mix... ,then the Potter mixes a totally new batch of glaze for the pot that will come from the clay that will come from the powder of your now contrite heart.... See it yet?

I believe that God(dess) is totally into upcycling.

I believe that like I believe no other spiritual precept, concept or doctrinal directive.

Maybe that's what Judeo-christian theosophy means when it talks of salvation...

some synonyms for salvation:

exemptionAHA! told you it was in there... it's all about the up-cycling!
For those curious cats, "theosophy" (one of my new favorite words) It means; "any of the various forms of philosophical or religious thought based on a mystical insight into the Divine nature." Sort of an 
apropos term for the way I process and understand the relationship of faith.
The main disconnect for people is in the language, the perspective, and it's about perception and intent!
Every time I go to the transfer site or the thrift store, its not simply to find cheap stuff and save a buck, but because there are treasures that lurk (within) where we least expect them. I identify with what I perceive as God(dess) vision of us when I get a hold of what someone else has decided was no longer worth their time or effort and threw away, I can look at that object (or person or place) and I can see the re-purpose-potential. Not to mention it serves a need in my home or in the greater community of our property. Often reaching beyond our group of five families to the families in our greater Clan and Community.
Found windows at the transfer site that no longer had a seal on their layers. have finally amassed enough to create a rather large greenhouse out of patchworked windows. Project to go forth in a month or so as soon as we can swing some 60 8'2x6's and stair templates.
Found window/door frames and re-purposed them into raised flower beds... (I will post pictures as soon as I can take some.)
Found six bags of freshly laundered clothing including two very nice leather jackets and snow gear that fit two teenagers on the property. And they still smelled like detergent!
Found brand new wood cd stands that just needed to be painted or stained...
All of that was just this week.
I'm off to finish the prep for my hunny's 40th birthday party. Lots of food to cook, making an antipasto and a seafood salad along with bacon stuffed steak and garlic stuffed squash for the grill. I will also post pictures of the final spread just so you can drool... *grin*
More later! I'm out.
~E and Co


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